Police says only essential services allowed in Kwekwe CBD

By Kudzai Nehanda

Police in Kwekwe have said henceforth only essential services will be allowed into the Central Business District as an enforcement measure of the localised lockdown to curb the spread of Covid-19 until the 3rd of July. 

Kwekwe is currently under a localised lockdown following the discovery of the Indian Covid-19 variant in the city last month. 

In an interview with this publication Officer Commanding Kwekwe District Chief Superintendent Denford Maingire said only people offering essential services will be allowed in the CBD. 

Going forward Maingire said law enforcement agencies will be more stricter in enforcing Covid-19 regulations.

Non essential services have been closed on Tuesday.

“We have noted a lot of non-compliance by the Kwekwe community, taking note that Kwekwe is under a special lockdown, hence we have taken it upon ourselves as law enforcers to see to it that regulations are followed and we save lives,” said Maingire before adding, ” This is not the end but it is the beginning, tomorrow, (Wednesday) the situation is actually going to be tighter in town.”

Maingire disclosed how they have been considerate to business holders that have been operating but are however being forced to close non-essential businesses due to non-compliance.

 “We have been considering the need for business to continue to operate but looking at the current non-compliance and the activities of business that  are operating way after curfew we thought it wise to restrict movement into town, to close all services and shops and businesses that do not offer essential services,” Maingire added. 

He issued a stern warning to beerhall  and  shebeen. 

“We are giving a stern warning to liquor outlet operators that have not been complying, some have been opening during the night when police are away. Some are even opening shabeens and as law enforcers we are going to make sure.we take them to court,” Maingire added.

Food outlets, pharmacies and  other essential services will have to continue to do business as essential service operators.

Covid-19 cases have been spiking in Kwekwe.The city with over 50 cases has the highest number of cases in Midlands. 

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