Globe and Phoenix compound finally reconnected after months of darkness

By News Editor

 Globe and Phoenix compound through its residents’ chairperson has finally managed to be fully restored in terms of electricity after months of darkness.

Globe and Phoenix Residents Chairperson Phillip Kadhani said when his committee took over management of the Globe and Phoenix affairs they inherited an estimated ZW$3 million Zesa bill from the previous committee.

“We have been in darkness for four months here in Globe and Phoenix. This was after a cumulative debt of about $3 million from the previous commitee,” Kadhani said.

He said though the previous committee was collecting money from residents to pay for the Zesa bill the committee was not remitting the money.

“We discovered that the previous committee was collecting money from residents. However, they seem not to have been remitting the money to Zesa that’s why the bill accumulated to such proportions,” he said.

Kadhani has since opened a docket with the police to have the previous committee investigated.

 “We have since instituted some criminal proceedings against the previous committee they must account for the money they collected from the residents,” he said. 

He indicated that after coming up with a payment plan with Zesa were residents are now paying directly to the power utility the debt has drastically reduced to about $1,7 million since his commitee took over the affairs of Globe and Phoenix in 2019.

It was not only the residents who have been affected but also Globe and Phoenix Primary school.

 “Power is very important especially during this winter season. And by pushing for the residents to have power, we are working towards the President’s vision of attaining an upper middle income economy,” he said.

 Kadhani also has some gold mining interests in Globe and Phoenix were he said he has employed over a 100 youths at his mine.

Meanwhile, Globe and Phoenix residents have applauded Kadhani for the intervention.

 “This is a timely intervention and a show of leadership by Kadhani especially during this winter. It is quite humbling that a resident without any political office and is one of us here takes such an initiative for us to have power,” a resident Memory Chuwa said. 

Another resident said it was sad that their area Councillor was in a no show during the trying period. 

“We dont even know where the councillor stays he is not here to address our problems. Its not easy to live for such a long time without power. If he is to stand as a candidate for  council we will definitely vote for him,” a resident Thomas Maisiri said. 

Globe and Phoenix depended on Homestake mine for power. However, the company cut supplies to the residents after it ceased operations in 2004. 

Residents have since been organising themselves into committees to manage the electricity affairs. 

“We are doing this so that we can help bring development to Globe and Phoenix. We are using the little resources we have to help residents here. I am a resident of Globe and Phoenix and i have stayed here for over 20 years. Therefore, issues which affect Globe and Phoenix are important to me,” Kadhani said. 

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