Traditional leaders in Ziscosteel revival Bira

By News Editor

Traditional leaders in Kwekwe on Saturday hosted a Ziscosteel revival Bira in anticipation of the company’s reopening this publication has established.

One of the traditional leaders who attended the ceremony Zhombe Chief Wait Gwesela said the ceremony was a necessity as minerals go with culture.

More importantly, Gwesela said there is need to gain authority from the custodians of land before operations commences so that workers will prosper and protected from calamities when operations resume at the Redcliff based plant which stopped operations over a decade ago.

“Minerals go with culture, when explorations start we should tell our ancestors so that they protect us and bless us,” Gwesela said in an interview.

He explained that this is not a new phenomenon.

“This has always been the tradition even when furnaces were going online. Its a shame that other companies in Kwekwe do not prioritise consulting our ancestors when conducting operations. We undertake these cultural rites so that workers will be protected and prosper when they are working at the plant,” he said.

Ziscosteel management has said it is currently in the process of engaging all stakeholders ahead of the companies revival.

 Ziscosteel Public Relations Manager, Patricia Muzenda said upon engagements with stakeholders, the traditional leaders in Kwekwe requested to host a Bira at the company.

 “Yes a Bira was held on Saturday the 19th of June 2021. We are currently in the process of  engaging  all our stakeholders as Zisco Steel, and the traditional chiefs are key in that whole process.  It is the Chiefs who then requested us to hold the Bira and we complied,” Muzenda said.

Government is currently in the process of engaging an investor so as to commence production at the company.

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