Gvt in Kwekwe Lockdown contradiction

By Staff Reporters
Kwekwe District late Friday was officially placed under lockdown by government for the next two weeks after government for the greater part of the day was sending conflicting reports. 

In the early hours of Friday, the country woke up to reports that Kwekwe District was now under lockdown, following a leaked government statement which officials went on to deny for the greater part of the day. 

Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Larry Mavima dismissed the statement as, “a fake social media speculation and people should ignore it. That’s not true.”

While Kwekwe District Covid-19 Taskforce Co-Chairperson Vitalis Kwashira also denied that the city which had been edge for the past week following the death of prominent businessman Robson Kadenhe to Covid-19 complications was on lockdown. 

Kadenhe is believed to have contracted the virus from his granddaughter who had travelled from India in recent days.

 Kwekwe Mayor Angeline Kasipo said Kwekwe was not supposed to panic but continue with its daily activities as the city was not on lockdown. 

However, Health Minister Vice President Constantino Chiwenga in the late hours of Friday released a statement confirming that Kwekwe was on lockdown for the next two weeks  following the discovery of a Covid-19 Indian variant in the city.

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