Man arrested for possession of explosives, mbanje

By Michele Chari

Kwekwe police on the 4th of May this year arrested a man they found in possession of 2 fuses of explosives and 0,01kgs of mbanje.

A team of police officers on a stop and search duty stopped Never Mutsaku (28) on his way to Kwekwe CBD near Gulez Gardens and introduced themselves. In the process of searching his bag, Officer Munyanyi got hold of two fuses and dhaga for which he gave Officer Murambwi for safety.

It is said that Mutsaku did not have a valid license or permit allowing him to carry the explosives in his possession but in his defence he told the court that he had the explosives because they use them at work.

“l did not have the permit and l know that the law does not allow the possession of explosives but my work place uses them,” he said.

Mutsaku pleaded guilty before Magistrate Samukhelisiwe Gumbo for both accounts and told the court why he had the illegal stuff and was remorseful as he asked the court for forgiveness

“l am pleading guilty because I was caught it did happen and l wanted to use the explosives at work. May the court forgive me,” he said.

He was remanded in custody pending sentencing.

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