Jealous hubby bashes wife over ‘miniskirt’

By Patience Chabata

A jealousy Sherwood welder has appeared before Kwekwe Magistrate Siamukhelisiwe Gumbo facing charges of domestic violence.

The allegations are that on the 8th of April 2021 at Subdivision One Compound, Sherwood, Victor Yastin (40) assaulted his Wife Thandiwe Mazinyani (40) over the issue of dressing.

The accused said his wife went to work wearing a mini skirt and he was not happy with the way she was dressed.

 “When she came back home I asked her what kind of dressing and she started shouting at me and we had a misunderstanding. I could not control my anger and severely assaulted her using fists and a tennis all over her body leaving her with head injuries,” he  said.

“I had no lawful right to assault her but I wanted to discipline her so that next time she will dress in a descent manner,” he told the court.

Magistrate Gumbo was shocked to hear the accused saying he wanted to discipline a 40year old woman

 “Do you think you can discipline a 40years old woman,?” the Magistrate asked.

Yastin responded that he thought he could do it since they were of the same age.

However, magistrate Gumbo advised the accused to try and solve issues amicably without resorting to violence.

Yastin pleaded guilty to the charges and was fined $10 000.

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