Brother’s steal from neighbor

Court Reporter

Two brothers from Mbizo 15 appeared before Kwekwe Magistrate Siamukhelisiwe Gumbo facing charges of theft.

Godknows and Abide Zinhema were each sentenced to 160hours of community service.

The court heard that on a date unknown but in the month of April, Godknows  (19) and Abide (18) unlawfully and intentionally stole 86 bricks from Memory who is their neighbour.

The duo pleaded guilty to the charges.

“Yes your worship we admit we committed the offense and it is clear that we wanted to deprive the owner’s property permanently,” Abide said.

When the Magistrate  asked the duo what they intended to do with the complainant’s property, they said they wanted to sell them to get money for food.

“The situation forced us to steal, we were stressed and we had no food, we just stay the two of us as our parents separated and left us when we were still young,” they said.

The two brothers do not go to school because of their financial status.

They told magistrate Gumbo that they sell firewood and earn US$8 per month.

Chipo Hungwe represented the state.

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