Man escapes jail term for stealing stockings, shoe polish

By Michele Chari

A Mbizo man was lucky to escape a month long jail term after he was slapped with an $800 fine for stealing stockings and shoe polish at OK Supermarket Kwekwe.
Clifton Macharada (26) pleaded guilty to the theft charges before Kwekwe Magistrate Samukelisiwe Gumbo.

In his defence Macharada blamed poverty for his actions as he said that he nicked the goods for his school-going sibling.

“l stole out of poverty. I stole the property for my sibling who still goes to school,” said Macharada.

It is the State’s case that Macharada went to OK Kwekwe supermarket around 1 pm and picked the goods from the shelves.

As he was leaving the supermarket an alert Security Guard discovered that the accused was leaving the shop without paying for the goods.

He was then detained at the supermarket before management called police.

He was then slapped with an $800 fine to be paid by 29 March 2021.

Failure of which the accused will be imprisoned for one month.

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