Good samaritan comes to the rescue of woman battling cancer

By Staff Reporters

A good samaritan has come to the aid of a woman who is currently battling cancer which has seen her lose nearly half of her face and an eye.

After The Midlands Observer this week reported about the plight of Spiwe Kiwe from Gokwe who has been sleeping on the streets of Kwekwe, a good samaritan has stepped in to assist. 

The philanthropist Sheddy Mbizvo said he was moved by the plight of Kiye and decided to assist. 

“After reading about the plight of Kiye in the Midlands Observer I was really moved by her condition and decided to step in and assist where I can,” Mbizvo said.

 Kiye has two minor children the eldest being 5 years and the youngest being 1 year.

 “The situation is really heart wrenching and assistance need to be rendered. I managed to track her and have found out that she is now back In Gokwe,” he said.

 Mbizvo is currently assisting her with food and also footing her medical bills so that she gets medical attention in Gokwe.

“I managed to send a small amount for food. I also got in touch with Gokwe District Hospital and explained her problem. I asked them to help by taking her and send me the bill. They should refer her where ever she should go and will see what to do. The 5 year old child has seen enough and must not continue looking after her mom.

“I spoke to some neighbours and we agreed that they will help her, if the hospital fail to take her, I will urgently look for a nurse who will look after her at home,” the philanthropist said.

He has also said if given permission by Kiye’s relatives he is prepared to give proper care to her children. 

For nearly a month kiye and her children were sleeping in the cold streets of Kwekwe. 

Abandoned by her husband after being struck by cancer four years ago Spiwe kiye  (33) found comfort in the streets of Kwekwe after being chased from her matrimonial home in Gokwe, because of her condition.

 Even before he was incarcerated at Hwahwa Prison her husband had already cut her matrimonial ties when cancer which is gnawing her face was still in the early stages. 

“My husband left me when the wound was still small saying he can not stay with me in this condition and now I only heard that he  was arrested and he is at Hwahwa prison,” Kiye said in an interview.

Her husband left her to take care of her two children Kudzai Chapanda (6) and Kundai Chapanda who is (1year 6months). “My husband abandoned me saying he can not stay with me  anymore because of my condition. I was left with his family and they also drove me away as well,”  she said. 

Kiye said she has been looking for help since the wound was still small at different places including Gokwe Hospital,Kwekwe hospital,Gweru Hospital ,Bulawayo hospital and Parirenyatwa but because of poverty she could not get the treatment she needed.

” I went to state hospitals but they only dressed my wound,” she said.
To all those willing to help you can contact her on 0771313101

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