Abandoned and neglected woman battles cancer in streets of Kwekwe

By Esther Moyo

The only reason why she has not given up on life are her two minor children who keeps her constant company in the cold streets of Kwekwe. 

Abandoned by her husband after being struck by cancer four years ago Spiwe kiye  (33) a mother of two has now found comfort in the streets of Kwekwe after being chased from her matrimonial home in Gokwe, because of her condition. 

Even before he was incarcerated at Hwahwa Prison her husband had already cut her matrimonial ties when cancer which is gnawing her face was still in the early stages.

 “My husband left me when the wound was still small saying he can not stay with me in this condition and now I only heard that he  was arrested and he is at Hwahwa prison,” Kiye said in an interview.

Her husband left her to take care of her two children Kudzai Chapanda (6) and Kundai Chapanda who is (1year 6months).

 “My husband abandoned me saying he can not stay with me  anymore because of my ondition. I was left with his family and they also drove me away as well,”  she said.

 As dark days rolls Kiye doesn’t have any idea on when she will get her next meal to feed herself and her children.

 To get medical attention for her condition is a distant possibility as the world goes about its business. 

For the past four years she has been living in excruciating pain as the cancer seems to be attacking her relentlessly without any respite in sight. 

Kiye said she has been looking for help since the wound was still small at different places including Gokwe Hospital,Kwekwe hospital,Gweru Hospital ,Bulawayo hospital and Parirenyatwa but because of poverty she could not get the treatment she needed.

” I went to state hospitals but they only dressed my wound,” she said.

After failing to raise money to be treated at hospitals Kiye was then referred to a traditional healer in Shurugwi whom she she wants meet but because she does not have money the driver left her in kwekwe where she and her children are sleeping in the streets for the past days without food, blankets, water to bath and No one to take proper care of the children and now the 5year old is the one playing  the mother’s role as he looks after her little sister and dress his mother’swound.

“We have nowhere to go to that is why we are sleeping in the streets without  blankets,” she said.

She also said when she went to social welfare she was only given a letter so that she can travel for free so as to go and meet the traditional healer. 

The husband and family might have left her but at least we as a nation we can help her and her children. 

To all those willing to help you can contact her on 0771313101

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