Zimbabwe Prospectors Association president resigns

By Staff Reporter 

Mines Minister tormentor the Zimbabwe Prospectors Association president Samson Dzingwe has resigned.

 In an interview with this publication Dzingwe said he was no longer a ZPA leader or an an association member.

 His resignation comes a few days after his executive members had claimed to have put suspended him, “on suspected misconduct, abuse of office and violation of our constitution.”

“After having faced this rebellion, I have decided to step down and resign from Zimbabwe prospectors Association leadership and membership with immediate effect,” Dzingwe said in an interview.

He rubbished the suspension as a, “non event and unconstitutional.”

 “I am a founding member of ZPA, i formed the association. However, after seeing the events of recent days i have decided to step down for someone else. I am not for positions but i am for a vision to have prospectors interests represented. I have played my part and this is time to call it quits so that someone can take over.”

ZPA was supposed to go for an elective congress next month. 

” I am not scared of anything as i am the one who called for an Annual General Meeting in December 2020 to hand over leadership to new blood,” he said. 

Dzingwe has recently been involved in serious tussles with Mines Minister Winston Chitando over the sidelining of the prospectors in the ongoing Mines and Minerals Bill public consultations. 

The fierce fights have seen Dzingwe earlier this month writing to President Emmerson Mnangagwa registering disquiet in the manner in which the minister was sidelining some key critical stakeholders in the ongoing public consultations. 

This was after Chitando had publicly said that the ministry was going to take input only from the Zimbabwe Miners Federation.

 “The issue is I am not under suspension because the setting up of agendas,meeting,and it’s outcome was illegal and in violation of our constitution which states that the secretary general must work in consultation with president in all committee and Association matters of which that was violated. All Executive committee and Association meetings are chaired by president not the other way which they connived illegally to please their handlers as black legs. I can not accept “suspension” from illegal, unconstitutional meeting blurting.Therefore, i am stepping down,” Dzingwe said. 
The recently held meeting to suspend Dzingwe was attended by ZPA vice president Frank Chatyoka, Secretary General Timothy Chizuzu, Treasurer Simon Chinyemba and Committee members Edward Fundira and Abraham Phiri.

 “The letter confirms that you are suspended from holding the office of the President for Zimbabwe Prospectors Association from today until further notice while an investigation is done into several suspected misconduct abuse of office and violation of our constitution. The executive met and agreed on your suspension on a meeting you were invited but you did not attend or offer an apology,” the executive November 3 letter in possession of this publication read.

The letter further read,  “We can add to these issues as appropriate in light of our investigation. Your suspension does not mean that we have already decided that you have done or not done an action or behaviour that is of misconduct.” 

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