Silobela man escapes jail for impregnating, taking Form 1 student as wife

By Marian Rushwaya

A Silobela man breathed a sigh of relief after he escaped jail for taking a form 1student as a wife for 5 months.

The 15 year old who cannot be named for ethical reasons is currently pregnant.

Marshal Mukondo (20) appeared before Kwekwe Magistrate Cheryl Tembo facing charges of staying with the minor as husband and wife for a period of 5 months.

Mukono pleaded guilty.

The court heard that sometime in April the complainant parents went to Mukondo’s homestead to take their daughter back home where they showed him the minor’s birth certificate.

The complainant then proceeded to report the case to the police. 

In his defense Mukondo said he wasn’t aware that Mutandavare was a minor.

“ Your worship  I didn’t know that she was a minor. l only got to know it when her parents showed me her birth certificate,” he said.

He went on to say  he was not aware that  the complainant was a form  one student.

“I didn’t know that she was a student since our relationship started in December last year,” he said.

Upon passing judgement  Tembo gave Mukondo 8 months of community service  at Exchange Clinic.

According to the medical report presented in the court Mutandavare is pregnant.

Mutandavare has a wife who is expecting whom she married after the complainant was taken back by her parents.

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