Gweru youths urged to take part in budget processes

Tinaani Nyabereka

Gweru- youths in Gweru have been urged to take part in budget process as their voice matters in budget and development process issues.

Speaking at a Youth Essence virtual engagement meeting on budget consultations yesterday, Sustainable Development Goals Advocate, Takudzwa Samhembere said it was crucial for youths to participate in budget as development without youth efforts hinders development.  

“A budget is a yearly financial plan presenting the sources of money and spending for a financial year. So budgets are very crucial for youths  to participate  in as they provide  various  ranging  and providing  basic necessities  like health.

“Most of the times young people were often anot participating in budget processes and this has led to a lot of disaster, ” added Samhemebere.

He further said section 141 of Zimbabwe compelled the parliament to facilitate public engagements and processes.

“Section 141 of the constitutions compels that parliament should facilitate public involvement in its legislative and other processes and in the process of its committees. So the disaster which struck young people is that when as young people we are not available and at the end of the day matters which affects us are not factored in.

“So accounting surely a process to do with numbers is important  however when it comes to attending  and being part of the budget everyone has the right to be part of the process since  we are citizens  of Zimbabwe  and our needs have to be respected,” he added.

Youth Essence Director, Nobuhle Mahlahla said the forthcoming budget consultation was crucial in urging council to facilitate income generating projects.

“Probably on this coming budget consultation it’s crucial for us to encourage council to embark on other income generating projects so that they collect more revenue.

“So I urge all youths to take part that concern them themselves. As for us to be part of the ward committee if we are present ad if we contribute meaningfully then our presence am sure will never be ignored,” added Mahlahla.

Participant, Precious Mutumwa urged youths to try their best to be in leadership positions as they were the youths of tomorrow.

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