Kwekwe born Cozzy Kozile shines at Australian awards ceremony

By Staff Reporter 

A Kwekwe born musician Cozzy Kozile Dube who has made a name for himself in the Australian musical circles managed to shine at a recent awards ceremony in Australia.

 The versatile artist though he couldn’t scoop the top prize was the first runner up in the Western Australia African Communities (WAAC) awards. 

WAAC event organisers indicated that the awards ceremony was held with the issue of Covid-19 in mind. 

“We’re celebrating positive community impact/ change in the areas of healthcade by African (WA) individuals, communities and institutions

“It celebrates how African West Australian individual communities and institutions have continued to invest in positive community impact/change in the areas of healthcare (frontline workers) Innovation, Leadership, Impact, Education and Community Service.

 The awards categories included community pillar, community pillar championship, Women in Leadership, Outstanding Youth, Social Change/Impact, Excellence in Innovation, Sport Entertainment and Outstanding Student award were Cozzile was a nominee. 

“I was a nominee in the  Organisation Of African communities Awards in the  Sports and Entertainment Category.  Though i didn’t win the ultimate prize as Albert Muyembe who is from Zambia and a professional soccer referee scooped the top prize i am happy for being nominated. It means my work is being recognised,” Cozzile said before thanking his fans. He also took the platform to launch his band new track Mama Africa. “On the event I launched my brand new track Mama Africa and the video is coming out soon soon . Its a song that gives hope to the African continent to stand together as one . The song blew the audience hearts and minds and I believe it is my career’s turning point since its an English song it can accommodate all African people,” he said.Meanwhile, Kozzile has dropped a video for the track Inzwaiwo Kuchema. The vedio is a prayer to God to remember the less privileged in times of need. Kozile has been involved in philanthropic activities giving back to the less privileged in Kwekwe.

 Speaking of the music video he explained, “Inzwaiwo Kuchema is a  prayer to God to remember those who are less privileged.  Nherera dzinotambura dzimwe dzinoshungurudzwa nekufunga neramangwana . In this song I mentioned kuti Peter Dewa akachema baba vake vaenda , Romeo Gasa makamunyradza pakashaya mai vake . Its just a prayer to the Lord our God.”

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