Small house loses finger in fist fight

By Melissa Chikumba

Rose Zindege (33) stood before Kwekwe magistrate Cheryl Tembo facing charges of assaulting her husband’s girlfriend  Naomi Tsikani and later bit her finger.

It is alleged that on 21 October 2020 Zindege was on her way to the local growth point when her husband stopped her claiming she is going to beat his lover Tsikani and he started assaulting her telling her to go back home.

“I was on my way to the growth point when my husband stopped me and demanded I should go back home because he assumed l was going to assault his lover,” said Zindege.

A few minutes after the beating she got from her husband it is alleged Tsikani passed by Zindege’s homestead and claimed she had won her husband and she should just pack and go back to her family .

“Tsikani passed by my homestead and started hauling insults on me claiming she has won my husband for good and that l should just pack and leave,” said Zindege.

Zindege allegedly assaulted Tsikani and bit her left finger which led her to lose her finger,the matter was reported which led to the arrest of Zindege.

“Bitting a person to an extent of losing their bodily parts is a grievous offence because it could lead to infections which will affect the victims therefore the courts need to send a message to the public by giving you a stiffer penalty,”said Tembo.

She was sentenced to pay a fine of $1500 or she would face a 60 days imprisonment

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