Landlord in fist fight with tenant over toilet

By Melissa Chikumba

A landlord in Mbizo fought with her tenant after she had refused to sweep the yard and clean the toilet.

Gracious Mudzendeki (32) stood before Kwekwe magistrate Cherly Tembo facing charges of damaging to property after she broke he tenant’s washing dish when they were fighting.

It is alleged that Viola Nyoni 28 who is a tenant at Mudzendeki’s house refused to clean the yard and toilets as her duty which did not sit well with her landlord Mudzendeki .

“I told her she can not stay at my house and fail to do her duties like everybody else and I shouted at her telling her it’s either she do her duties or she finds another place to rent,” said Mudzendeki.

An altercation rose which led Nyoni to throw a stone on her and when she retaliated the stone went to hit Nyoni’s dish and it was damaged beyond repair.

“I mistakenly stoned the dish whilst trying to stone my lodger Nyoni because she was the one who started the fight,” said Mudzendeki.

Mudzendeki was asked to pay a fine of $1500 and also to replace Nyoni’s dish failure to do so she would get 30 days imprisonment.

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