Silobela woman almost beaten to death for ‘witchcraft’ and causing relatives’ death

By Esther Moyo

A Silobela woman was almost beaten to death for witchcraft allegations and causing the death of a relative.

The woman is said to have been beaten by her nephew who accused her for bewitching and causing his brothers death.

The man Elforce Phiri (37) confessed to have made an attempt on the life of his aunty Tubekile Nyoni after she told him that she was the one who bewitched and killed his brother.

Phiri is said to have used a heavy stick to belabour his aunty following a misunderstanding.  

Phiri said it was anger that led him to act in the manner he did because his aunty had provoked him when there were having a misunderstanding. 

“My aunty really angered me after she confessed to have bewitched and killled my brother,” he told Kwekwe Magistrate Samukeliso Gumbo.

 He was remanded in custody the 6th of November 2020.

The court papers read, “The accused strucked the complainant which is his aunty thrice on the head with a wooden log with intentions to cause harm.”

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