Mbizo woman arrested for dumping new born baby in sewer

By Merryln Dube 
A Mbizo woman has been arrested for dumping a newly born baby in a sewer tank in Mbizo on Monday.

The woman Memory Mabude (32) was picked up at her place in the early hours of Monday by the police.

Alert neighbours notified police after Mabude failed to give a convincing answer on what had happened to her pregnancy.

It is suspected that Mabude gave birth on her own in her own house. 

Upon interrogation Mabude confessed that she had indeed dumped her new born baby in a nearby sewer tank.

 Sources told The Midlands Observer news crew that they were shocked by Mabude’s inhumanity.

“As neighbours we were shocked when Mabude’s pregnancy suddenly disappeared but we didnt see the baby. When we asked her she told us that the baby had died at Kwekwe General Hospital,” sources told this publication.

Neighbours indicated that Mabude did not give convincing answers on what had happened to the pregnancy. 

“Her answers where not convincing on what had happened to the baby, because when we asked for evidence of the child’s death she was evasive, thats when we became suspicious and decided to alert the police,” sources said. 

By the time the news crew arrived at Mbizo 20, police were excavating the baby from the sewer tank. Whilst the woman was under police custody.She has been taken in by police and is currently assisting with investigations. 

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