Man accused of raping mental patient

Esther Moyo

A man from Sebakwe is in hot soup after he is being accused of raping a mentally ill patient. 

The man Hopemore Murombo (31) is said to have forced Ruth Magogozhla a mentally ill person to have sex with him at Benhoim farm on 12 October 2020 which is against the law.

“According to the law Magogozhla is not allowed to have sex with anyone.”said the court.

The accused was not given a chance to say anything in court because  Kwekwe magistrate Samukeliso Gumbo said it was not  in her power to listen to him or grant him bail.

 His case will appear  again at Gokwe Regional Court on the 29th of October 2020. 

Murombo was advised to apply for bail at the High Court if he wishes to be remanded out of custody.

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