Nyandoro installed Gweru Bishop

By Sharon Mbambo

Bishop Rudolf Nyandoro has been installed as the 6th Bishop of the Diocese of Gweru.

A capacity crowd of Roman Catholic congregants gathered for the episcopal installation at Mkoba Stadium on Saturday.

Nyandoro (51) is being transferred from Gokwe where he served for three years.

Nyandoro was appointed by Pope Francis to be the Bishop of the Gweru Diocese on 11 September this year since the post fell vacant in 2017 after the death of Bishop Xavier Munyongani. 

The diocese has since been under the care of Bishop Micheal Bhasera who was the apolistic administrator after the death of Bishop Munyogani.

“I accept to be the Father of Gweru Diocese. I come to you as one of your brothers and shephard . I look forward to working with you guided by God’s grace. I call upon you to have team spirit as we have been entrusted with his work,” he said.

One of the partners from Gokwe who workes with Nyandoro said, “I happily give Nyandoro to you. We worked with him well for over three years. Congratulations and we will miss you.”

Nyandoro was installed in the presence of the vicar, the priests, brothers and sisters of the Roman Catholic, the congregation and the representative of the government of Zimbabwe.

Nyandoro was born in Gweru in 1968 and was ordained a priest in 1998. He attended courses in philosophy from 1991 to 1994 at St. Charles Lwanga major Seminary of Chimanimani, Mutare, and completed his theological studies in Chishawasha, Harare. 

In 2015 he obtained a PHD in pastoral counselling from the University of South Africa. 

He has held the following past roles, i the diocese as Masvingo Vicar at the Mukaro Mission (1999) administrator of the Cathedral (2000-2006) and rector of the minor seminary (2007-2009) and to the Bondolfi Teachers College (2010-2015)

In 2015 he served as Chancellor of the diocese of Masvingo and professor of the Bondolfi Teachers College. 

He succeeded Bishop Angel Florez Martinez as Bishop of Gokwe in 2017. 

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