Top Kwekwe mine manager dragged to court, ‘wife’ demands $22 000 in child support

By Tafadzwa Phiri

A woman claiming to be a wife to a mine manager in Kwekwe has dragged him to court for neglect and is demanding $22 0000 rtgs in child support.

Betha Musambi who told Kwekwe Magistrate that she is wife to Givemore Mapika a mine manager at Cone Mine has said Mapika is an irresponsible man who is neglecting her and her child.

“Your Worship l want $22 000 for maintenance for my child. I am failing to survive alone ,l need  money from  my irresponsible husband.We are living separately and he doesn’t even know how we are struggling. I am depending on my friends for survival,” she said.
She added that she is living in squalor while her husband is receiving $10 000US as his monthly salary.

Mapika however, disputed being married to Musambi and added that he could not afford the amount being demanded. 

“Your worship this  woman next to you is not married to me. l have my wife and that should be clear! Betha should know that l have a family to look after.That  kind  of money she is demanding is too much your Worship,” he said.

He highlighted that he only have a child with Musambi and not married before he offered to pay $1000 in maintanance

Kwekwe Magistrate Vimbai Mutuvi ordered Mapika to pay $2500rtgs every month to Musambi until there was verification that Mapika earns USD $10 000.

“Mr Givemore Mapika is do hereby directed by the Kwekwe civil court to pay $2500rtgs per month for maintenance every month In order for Betha and her child to survive.However the amount of maintenance which is being granted by this court to Mrs Musambi will then be increased to the desired amount that is $22000rtgs once the company director of Cone mine approves that indeed the respondent is earning $10000US as monthly salary.” Mutuvi said.

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