Police in Kwekwe shoots Mbizo man for resisting arrest

By Esther Moyo

Police have shot at a Mbizo man on his left leg at his Mbizo home after they claimed he was restisting arrest and was also threatening to stab a police officer. 
Elias Urayai (28) is said to have assaulted his sister inlaw Agnes Khumalo who is the complainant by beating her striping her naked and also wanted to stab her with a kitchen knife.

“He was beating  my sister  when I had locked my self in the toilet for refugee” his wife told the court.

 Urayai dismissed this accusation arguing that when he arrived home from work  the police officers  were already there and when he was trying to know his offense that when he was shot.

“I was called to come home by my wife and when I arrived home i was shocked to see the police officers there waiting to arrest me when I was trying to ask what  my crime was thats when I was shot on my left leg, ” he said. 

He will appear again in court for ruling on the 2nd of November 2020 because his lawyer said he can not be given a ruling in his current state.

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