“They do not care about the education of our children, theirs are outside the country ” – Chikwinya says of Ministers

By News Editor 

Mbizo Legislator Settlement Chikwinya has said government officials are not bothered by the unfolding crises in the education sector as their children are learning outside the country. 

Chikwinya was making his contributions in parliament last week. 

The country’s educators have declared incapacitation since the reopening of schools two weeks ago, arguing the money they are receiving from government is not enough.

 In response government officials have since been nonchalant on the teacher’s concerns.

Chikwinya rapped the government officials for being unpatriotic. 
“These Ministers Hon. Speaker, are not consumers of the education system in our country. Therefore, they have got no patriotic approach with care to our children. 

 “Their children are in UK and in America.   This is why they cannot show any care.  So does the system whereby our civil servants, with regards to Ministers having their children in UK and in Europe, does it work to have his child to be in Europe when he is administering over our children in this country?  Is it not the root cause of our problems?” Chikwinya said. 

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Cain Mathema said his Ministry was not responsible for the payment of teachers as he argued that his was only a service ministry. 

He argued that issues of teachers payments fell under the purview of the labour ministry. 

“I want an honest answer from the Hon. Minister.  In his response with regards to renumeration, he deferred to the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare and they said they are an interface.  Does the current system we have work where the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is just a mere administrator of the education system yet the employer is the Public Service sector?  Does that system work?” Chikwinya enquired. 
In defence of government the education minister argued that the system worked, before adding that his children are also faced with the same challenges as they are learning in the country. 
“We discuss as Ministers.  The Permanent Secretaries discuss.  Madam Speaker, my children are here.  They are learning in schools here,” Mathema said. 


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