Manunure Form 4 student dies in abortion attempt

By Lesley Chihwata 

A form four student from Manunure last week passed away at her place of residence in Mbizo 7 after a failed bid to terminate her pregnancy.

It has been gathered that the now deceased Ethaine Maturo (16) who most of the time stayed alone tried on numerous occasions to terminate the pregnancy after the man responsible had vanished into thin air upon discovering that she was pregnant.

Her guardian told this publication that she only got to know of Ethaine’s condition after she had passed on.

“I did not know that Ethaine was pregnant till yesterday when l confronted one of her close friends pertaining what had happened to her to an extent of commiting suicide and that is when she opened up to tell me what had been going on,” Mary Mujanganja a guardian to the now deceased said.

A source said the deceased was depressed after her boyfriend was not prepared to take responsibility. 

“Ethaine was indeed in deep agony as her boyfriend Anotida Murwi had seemed to abandon her in such despair.She came to me telling me that she was going to terminate her pregnancy as she was not going to burden her already struggling grandmother after all she was an orphan neither did l know it was going to end like this,” said the source.

The a bottle of the deadly liquid was found in her room upon the discovery of her body.

“After her grandmother recently got back from Gweru to assist her in going back to school preparations ,that was when she was met with the tragedy as neighbors were already gathered at their home as the deceased’s friend was the first one on the scene before she called for help,” said the source.

“It is indeed a tragedy for the family to embrace the fact that the small girl is gone ,what suprised me is the bottle of termite posion we saw beside the body of the deceased .We now do not know wether she was trying to abort her preganancy or commite suicide although the deceased’s friend confirmed that she was pregnant ,” said Desire Munetsi one of the neighbors.

Police were called and arrived at the scene where they took the body to Kwekwe General Hospital Mortuary yesterday.

Mourners are gathered at the deceased’s residence in Mbizo 7 .

Burial arrangements are still being made.

Midlands Police Spokeperson Inspector Joel Goko said he had not yet been notified .

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