Plumber accused of stealing tap water

By Tafadzwa Phiri

A plumber has been dragged to court for assaulting his former client who is accusing him of stealing a tap water.

Musekiwa Mataramura appeared before Kwekwe civil court facing charges of assaulting Charles Gwanyanya.

The court heard that Mataramura used to offer plumbing services to Gwanya at his Mbizo  home.

“Your worship l want a protection order against this man. He is threatening my wife and l. He came and assaulted us in vulgar language  at our place and now we no longer feel safe. He once offered us plumbing services at my place and now we are no longer seeing our tap.”

Mataramura in response said he was angered by Gwanya and his wife for accussing him of stealing  their  tap water.

“Your worship  this man and his spouse last month accused me of stealing their tap water which l mended at their home.Why would l steal a water tap? l am well to do and money is not even a problem  to me,” he said.

Mutaramura further added that he has feelings and feels hurt when he is accused of stealing a tap water

“With all due respect your worship.Gwanya’s wife should also stop harrasing me .Am not a thief for God sake  .If she harrases me l will react since am also a human being.

Kwekwe Magistrate  Shingirirai Tembo highlighted that  Musekiwa should stop harrasing and insulting Gwanya and his wife and that he  should never talk to Gwanya and his wife.

“The protection order is here granted to the applicant.The responded should stop harrasing the applicant and his wife.Stop talking to each other since you will end up quarreling.If the applicant  and his wife feels like they  were robbed of their tap ,they should provide enough evidence which  proves that indeed the responded stole the water tap.”

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