Madzibaba soils self after receiving beating from congregant for bedding his wife

Peter Ngwenya

A self proclaimed faith healer soiled himself after receiving a thorough hiding from an incensed man who accused him for bedding his wife. 

Alex Msipa this week confronted Madzibaba John Muringo at Mbizo 15 Shopping  Centre “Black tuckshop” accusing him of bedding his wife whilst he was away in Kadoma for a month.

Initially Muringo denied the allegations before confessing that he had indeed slept with the wife of his church member, “only once.”
An altercation ensued after Msipa  started accusing Madzibaba Muringo for bedding his wife Esnath Murere on numerous occasions whilst he was in Kadoma for a whole month.

“Esnath as you know is only a congregant in my church. We dont have any relationship not to speak of a sexual relationship i didnt sleep with her,” Madzibaba said in denying the allegations.

However, this incensed Msipa who started to belabour his senior. 

After receiving more blows he then confessed to sleeping with the wife of his congegant.

 “You have to forgive me madzibaba. I really dont know what got into me. We are not in a relationship. I only slept with her once, you really have to forgive me,” Muringo said. 

An angry Msipa said this will serve as a lesson for the bed hopping madzibaba. 

“This is not the first time that Madzibaba you are being accused of infidelity, you have been doing it with other women in the church. Unfortunately for you i am not like those other men whose wives you took advantage of. This habit of yours of sleeping with married women must stop,” an angry Msipa said. 

He added that the Madzibaba must be exemplary. 

“You should be leading us as your people not to use women. Your habit undermines confidence in us members of the church, you musnt hide behind thw cloth to hide your evil deeds.”

The Madzibaba is well known in Mbizo 15 Suburb for his healing powers and his large congregation. 

After receiving a heavy beating he soiled himself in front of a large crowd which had gathered. 

The crowd had to intercede on behalf of the prophet to allow him to go as he had learnt his lesson.

 Immediately after being freed the Madzibaba took to his heels. 

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