Sable Chemicals to produce 30 000 tonnes of fertilizer for agriculture season

By News Editor 

Fertiliser manufacturer Sable Chemicals is set to produce 30 000 tonnes of fertilizer for the 2020/2021 agricultural season.

Industry and Commerce Minister Sekai Nzenza speaking during the tour of Sable Chemicals on Thursday said Sable Chemicals is on course to meet the target. 

Sable Chemicals according to Nzenza has been contracted by government to produce 30 000 tonnes of fertilizer for the 2020/21 agricultural season. 

“Government has already contracted Sable Chemicals to produce 30 000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate for the 2020/2021 agricultural season. Production of the 30 000 tonnes commenced at the beginning of October. During the 1st half of 2020, the company has produced 7300 tonnes of ammonium nitrate,” she said.

She further applauded Sable Chemicals of the USD$25 million investment in fertiliser production.

“We want to commend Sable Chemicals for its envisaged investment of $25 million that way they will increase production capacity,” she said.

Government, Nzenza said is going to continue to offer support to fertiliser manufacturing firms so as as to boost production.

 “As government we will remain committed to the import substitution strategy.”In addition, Nzenza pledged foreign currency support to fertiliser farmers.

 “I will continue working with my colleague, Minister of Finance and the Governor of RBZ to ensure that Sable Chemicals and other fertiliser companies will continue to access foreign currency through the auction system.”

Nzenza emphasized on the issue localisation of production within the economy. 

“We have already seen the between agriculture and industry. The two have to work together. They are the linkages of value addition that are envisaged by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce within its Industrial Development Policy. Currently agriculture is supplying 60% of the industrial sector growth which is about 40% of the country’s foreign earnings,” she said.

To retain the country’s bread basket status Nzenza said government has started to implement the agricultural recovery plan.

Meanwhile, going forward Nzenza said in terms of production government was going to be inward looking so as to substitute imports. 
“Over the last number of years we have started looking more outside, we forgot to produce locally. We must not only procude locally, but we also need to consume locally and export.”We are on the road to economic localisation. In order to be competitive we have to produce quality products that will meet market standards. In that wau we become a key player not only in SADC but a part for Africa Free Continental Trade Area. And we will be bringing forex to the country. We can realise this vision of import substitution if we work in partnership, partnership between government and the private sector.”

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