Rowdy Zanu PF youths who caused violence during Zanu PF primary polls appear before court

Staff Reporter 

Some Zanu PF youths who allegedly caused chaos during Zanu PF’s internal polls in Kwekwe on Sunday have been arraigned before the courts.

The arrested five youths are Zvidzai Maisva (34) Burden Mawire (35) Amon Mutondorwa (34) Elliot Gideon (38) Itai Mutandwa (36).

Chaotic scenes which led to the abandonment of the Zanu PF internal polls characterised the day. The polls which pitted political rivals Zanu PF’s losing parliamentary candidate Kandross Mugabe and Energy Ncube were aimed at finding a party candidate to replace Kwekwe legislator Masango Matambanadzo.

Matambanadzo died in July this year. 

Kwekwe Magistrate Florence Nago heard that the arrested five youths and others who are still at large assaulted police officers and destroyed property within the Zanu PF yard.

“The accussed persons attacked police officers and manhandled Sergeant Mubika who was armed with a service pistol intending to disarm him. During the course Sergeant Mubika’s grey uniform shirt got torn and buttons ripped off,” State papers read.

To disperse the aggressive crowd police had to use tear gas. “Police had to use tear gas and fire warning shots to manage the scene and arrested the accused persons.”

The court heard that the 5 and their accomplices who are still at large disturbed publice peace and security through their actions.

 “They teamed up and went to Zanu PF District Headquarters, Kwekwe where they engaged into public violence by assaulting people with stones, open hands and fists,” the court heard.

The State further said the five went on to damage a, “windscreen of a Toyota Landcruiser Reg No AFG 5827 and deflating all the four wheels of the vehicles by removing sticker valves. They further deflated all 4 wheels of a Toyota Hilux Reg No ACX 0369 by severing them with sharp instruments. Accused persons further damaged the front windscreendls and fender of a Mazda Excella Reg Number ADY 3345 using stones. They stole people’s various property.”

The court is set to hear the bail hearing tommorow. 

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