Poetry outfit partners Midlands Observer

Gourd of Consciousness Poetry a literary arts initiative that publishes and profiles Zimbabwean and African poets and writers has partnered with The Midlands Observer in a move that seeks to celebrate and promote indigenous languages through poetry. 

Speaking to The Midlands Observer the coordinator of Gourd of Consciousness Poetry Khumbulani Muleya said vernecular tradition should be a poetry tradition as well and that this collaboration will go a long way in motivating local poets to express themselves in indigenous languages.

“We are interested in poetry that enacts the artistic and creative precision of indigenous languages, we are not bound by any specific theme; our mission is to publish poems of high quality writing.” We also seek to publish material that will address the gradual erosion of local languages, and celebrate indigenous languages amongst the younger generation in urban populations,” he said.

All styles, forms of poetry are welcome; we appreciate poems that show a careful understanding of language, music, passion and creativity, ” said Muleya.

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