‘She cannot dump me, i spent a lot of money on her’ – man tells court

By Tafadzwa Phiri

A man from Mbizo has said he is not prepared to let go of his ex-girlfriend of 9 years after he spent a fortune on the woman in question.

The matter came to light last week at Kwekwe Civil Court when Fungai Mhlanga was seeking a peace order against her ex boyfriend Edmore Zhou whom she claimed was abusive.

“Your Worship l want a peace order against this man.He always threatens  and insult me almost everyday using text messages and on whats app messenger.

“Your worship this man always uses intimidation on me.On the 5th of August 2020 this man came to my house which is in  Mbizo section 22 and caused a lot of violence,” Mhlanga told the court.

Mhlanga further told the court that Zhou has since threatened her against leaving him.

She also highlighted that her ex boyfriend chases away some men who are interested in marrying her.

“Your Worship this man  always chases away several men who are capable of marrying me. He also tells me that he is going to report me to the police that l stole a lot of money from him.To make matters worse he starts to claim some of the property ,telling me that it is his money that bought the property.Truly speaking this man is forcing himself on me ,am tired of all that your Worship,” she said.

Zhou in response told the court that he did not only spent a fortune on his ex girlfriend but she also stole money from him which she used to buy a residential stand in Mbizo.

“Your Worship this woman stole a lot of money from me and used it to buy a new house stand in Mbizo section 22. We dated for 9 years but we a no longer in a relationship. I used to give her so much care only to find that she was stealing from me,” he said.

He highlighted that though the two are no longer in a relationship he was not prepared to let go as he claimed that he spent a fortune on his ex girlfriend. 

“Your Worship l cannot stay away from this woman. I am so much concerned about my money which she used to buy that stand.It’s not fair at all,” he said.

Magistrate Mutuvi however, ordered Zhou to stay away from his ex girlfriend as they are no longer in a relationship.

“Mr Zhou don’t take law into your own hands. I don’t expect you to visit Fungisai Muhlanga since she has been granted a peace order against  you.It is clear that you are no longer together ,you two.The applicant has clearly shown that you are not in good books with her.Stop harrasing and threatening her.You are to stay away from her premises,” Mutuvi said.

She advised Zhou to follow the law if he felt he was robbed by his ex-girlfriend.

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