Kwekwe City Council Dumpsite workers resort to bush toilets

By Melissa Chikumba

Workers employed by Kwekwe City Council are using the bushes to relieve themselves as council have failed to provide adequate ablution facilities at the dumpsite.

Mayor Angeline Kasipo has said council has decided to construct a toilet and a cabin for the workers at the dumpsite.

“The council have decided to build a toilet and a cabin at Amaveni Dumpsite and all the building materials have already been bought,” said Kasipo.

Kwekwe deputy mayor Shadreck Tobaiwa said due to inadequate ablution facilities workers at the dumpsite have resorted to relieving themselves in the bushes.

“We have council workers there and some of the workers are using bush toilet and do not have a cabin or a shade to cover themselves during the harsh weather,”said Kwekwe Deputy Mayor Shadreck Tobaiwa.

“The  project was also done to assist these workers and the council to show they are serious about the use of bush toilets in communities otherwise the community will not take us serious when we talk about the use of bush toilets,” he added.

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