ICTs key in Ziscosteel turnaround

By William Milasi 

Information Communication Technology Minister Jenfan Muswere has said ICTs play a key role in turning around the fortunes of moribund Ziscosteel.

Ziscosteel ceased production over a decade ago following years of unbridled corruption, mismanagement, gross incompetence and political inteference amongst others.

 Government has since expressed interest to revive the parastatal which has since turned into a white elephant.

 Speaking during the tour of the former intergrated steelworks recently, Muswere said ICTs will be key in Ziscosteel revival.

 “There is need to come up with a strategic plan wether its short term or long term plan for the revival of the entire steelworks industry. There is need to utilise Information Communication Technologies,” he said.

 Muswere said ICTs will bring efficiency in the production industry. ” ICTs will bring efficiency in the production industry. ICTs will cut down on costs, manage finances and Human Resources systems. You need to incorporate ICTs to improve on transparency,” Muswere said. 

He further explained that government is committed with Ziscosteel revival. 

“Government is committed to the revival of Ziscosteel as an institution. This is the only institution which produces steel with all resources locally available and found in the same geography. Other steel making producers have to import,” he said. 

He further said Ziscosteel revival is keu in economic development. 

“The vision 2030 is focused on the economy. The revival of Ziscosteel is of paramaount importance as economic development involves the utilization of steel. 

“Between 2016-18 the domestic market consummed steel products more than $1 billion,” he said. Against the backdrop of such expenditure Muswere said the revival of Ziscosteel is now key in import substitution. 

“There is now need for us to focus on the revival of the steel industry which is key in order to do import substitution and also supports development. “Ziscosteel as we move towards vision 2030 will contribute to the devolution and development of the Midlands Province,” he said. 

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