Zanu PF battle to control Kwekwe Central escalates

By News Editor 

The battle to represent the governing Zanu PF party in the coming by elections to replace the now deceased Kwekwe Central MP Masango Matambanadzo has reached fever pitch with competing factions bidding to outdo each to shore up support amongst the electorate, The Midlands Observer reports. 

Blackman as Matambanadzo was affectionately known by his legion of fans died last month of suspected food poisoning. 

The country’s election mother board has since indicated that by elections in orphaned constituencies and wards across the country will be held by December.

 In Kwekwe two distinct camps pitting rivals 2018 losing parliamentary candidate Kandross Mugabe and a youthful politician Energy Ncube has since emerged. 

Ncube who has the backing of some party big wigs expressed interest to represent Kwekwe Central. 

“Its true i am interested in representing Kwekwe Central Constituency,” he said. 

Recently some party youths who were attending a preparatory DCC meeting at the party’s offices in Kwekwe mobbed Ncube’s vehicle as he was leaving the venue before marching in Central Kwekwe chanting his name in apparent support of the youthful politician.

 Mugabe who has also expressed interest to represent the governing party indicated that he is the party’s shadow MP.

 “According to Zanu PF’s greenbook which is our party Constitution by virtue of me having stood in the national elections representing the governing party it means i am the party’s shadow MP for the next five years. What it therefore, means is that i am going to be representing the revolutionary party.

 “I follow the teachings of our President who said we must always go back to the electorate and i have been doing that. Not to speak ill of the dead, Blackman was elected but he didn’t go back to the electorate. MDC’s Chebundo had more votes than me as he came second he also didn’t go back to the electorate. However, in my case despite losing i have always been going back to the electorate as that is where i derive my strength. I do enjoy massive support from the electorate that i have confidence in winning the seat, and reclaim our seat which has been in the opposition’s hold,” Mugabe said. 

He further explained that Kwekwe for him hold a sentimental value not as an ordinary constituency, but that Zanu PF must win the seat as it is President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s home. 

“This is the President’s home and i am going to make sure that we reclaim our seat from the opposition come by elections time,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Zanu-PF Midlands Provincial Chairperson Daniel Mackenzie Ncube has said the party is going to go for primary elections to choose a party candidate. 

“We will conduct Primary Elections whoever emerges victorious will be our candidate. The Primary Elections will be conducted under free and fair conditions to ensure that only those Kwekwe Central vote,” Ncube said. 
In 2018 elections there had been accusations and counter accusations on some party big wigs who were said to be backing an independent candidate former Magistrate Josinia Maupa

“This time around all Party Cadres will be united behind the Party Candidate. Those who stray will be sanctioned it regardless of their positions within the Party,” he said. 
He said every candidate was free to contest in the primary elections, “as long as they meet the set criteria. We await the Criteria from the National Political Commissar.”

Meanwhile, in the opposition MDC former cabinet minister Henry Madzorera is appearing a front runner to be representing the party. Madzorera was a health minister during the inclusive government. Other names in the opposition have been thrown around and this includes former law maker Blessing Chebundo and youth provincial member Judith Tobaiwa. 

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