Mbizo Man commits suicide over Lover

By Lesley Chihwata

A man from Mbizo 3 Extension is believed to have committed suicide after his fiance dumped him for another man.

The now deceased Valentine Thembo (27) who was based in South Africa could not stomach the fact that his fiance dumped him for a Mbizo High School teacher Chris Chaita.

The now deceased is said to have been engaged to one Sharon Ndlovhu aged 25 from Mbizo 3 extension before he went to South Africa and had promised to get married to the girl once he had returned from South Africa.

The fiance however, could not wait for his return as she got married to another man.

Chaita is said to have paid Sharon`s full bride prize.

Thembo was in South Africa for two years.

 “Valentine came home and after realizing that none of his parents where home he came out and told us what had happened between him and his lover then went on to tell us that  he was going to kill himself which seemed like a joke to us at that particular time as he was not showing any signs of seriousness pertaining what he had just said ,” said Tonderai Rugoneko.

Neighbours however, went on to check after him but couldn’t open the door as something was blocking the way.

“We decided to go and check up on him moments later after he had left and we called his name but he did not answer that is when we decided to try and enter into his room, only to realize that he had blocked his bedroom door with a refridgerator to avoid anyone from entering but his windows were opened with the curtains closed that is when we decided to go and check up on him through the windows.

“What we saw was so shocking and dsitrubing as he was hanging from the roof truss with a rope that had a tied note at the roof trusses and blood was all over his t shirt .That is when we decided to break in into his room and we called the police and the parents ,” said one of the neighours who asked requested for annonymity .

Parents of the now deceased expressed shock of their son’s behaviour. 

“This did not seem real to us when we received a call from one of our neighbours telling us what had happened and especially as the father l knew my son better and did not think he could do such an act especially over a girl.This is really too much for us to take especially my wife who has gone through a lot for this boy but anywhere there is nothing we can do now God has already made his decision and although it hurts loosing our only son there is nothing we can do to bring him back ,” said in tears Admire Thembo.

Midlands police Spokeperson  Inspector Joel Goko said he had not recieved any update pertaining the incident as it transpired  during the weekend but would soon get information .

The deceased was buried at his father`s rural home in Chiundura .

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