Sport betting employee bans customer from betting house over woman

By Tafadzwa Phiri

An employee with Moors World of Sport has been arraigned before Kwekwe Civil Court for banning a customer from the betting house and also threatening him over a woman.

The court heard that in late August this year Talent Mushekwi threatened a customer Trainos Sithole for eyeing his girlfriend.

The woman in question is also an employee at the betting house. 

Sithole has denied the affair.

“Your worship this young man is lying. I am not after his girlfriend.l just go to that betting house to watch football and play few tickects daily thats all. The whole issue is that  this man threatened to destroy me in my own car and l reported him to the police,” Sithole said.

Sithole went on further to highlight before Magistrate Mildred Mutuvi that in the early hours of the 29th of August while he was cleaning his car at his home , he noticed that the rear left corner of his car was broken and wanted to apply a peace order against Mushekwi whom he claimed was  after his life.

He then made a police report leading to the arrest of Mushekwi at his work station before he was released upon paying a fine.

“Your worship ,this young man came to me for the second time telling me that he was still yet to destroy me.That’s when l went on to open a criminal docket against him,” he said.

Mutivi in her ruling ordered Mushekwi not to ban the customer from the betting house.

“The applicant has failed to explain himself why he is banning Trainos  from betting at Moors World of sport.Trainos Sithole  can go and bet at Moors Betting house without any fear.He can ask other employees for assistance and not you (referring to Talent Mushekwi).Keep peace between yourselves,” she advised.

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