ZNNC president outlines vision

By William Milasi 

The newly elected Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce Tinashe Manzungu has said businesses must come up with new models so as to adapt to the new normal.

 In an interview with the Midlands Observer Business Manzungu said his main focus at the helm is to transform the private sector.

 “There is a private sector funding gap and this gap needs to be filled up in order to enable industry to undergo the restructuring and transformation necessary to thrive in the new normal post Covid-19 environment,” he said before adding, “training programs will be initiated to help busines as there is a transformation from high touch tech to low touch tech business systems,” he said. 

Manzungu who described his election to the ZNNC helm as a reflection of confidence, “the chamber has in me,” promised to transform the private sector. 

“I am set out to make a difference and its never about the role but its about the goal.

 “The main focus will be an empowering private sector through the capacitation, engagement, skills enhancement, incubation and business linkages so that so that they are can scale up their business for radical economic transformation,” he said before adding, “Many of them are not linked to or intergrated in the supply chains of major private sector businesses of particular the women and youths in business.

Manzungu is the founder and Executive Chairman of TM Group of a diversified investment portfolio with key interests in real Estate, Health Insurance, Agriculture and Finance. 

Companies to his group include Zimbuild and Zimbabwe General Medical Aid Health Fund. He currently sits on ZBCA and Zimcare Trust boards. He if also a member of AHFOZ, ZAMFI and Midlands State University Council.

 Manzungu is a holder of a degree in Business Administration. In encouraging youths to venture into business he explained:  “Great companies start because the founders want to change the world not to make the first buck. 
“Founders want to solve problems , so they provide solutions and nothing else , 
Also they should know that money follows a clear idea , not the other way round , it’s not only about capital .Capital flows torwards a perfect idea,” he said. 
“Dedication and perseverance are key , especially during this Covid period , you work and identify opportunities during this time and not in good times  so I say let’s plant now and expect results when things turn ok.”

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