Fight over bed spills to court

By Melissa Chikumba

A vicious fight over the ownership of a bed between a Kwekwe man and his wife has spilled to court.

John Mapamba has dragged his ex wife Pamela Ndorombe (25) before the Kwekwe Magistrate Courts over the bed in question.

Kwekwe Magistrate Florence Nago heard that in July this year an angry Ndorombe stormed into Mapamba ‘s to confiscate the bed.

She didn’t find her ex hubby at home but instead found Rutendo Munjanja who had been left in charge of the bed for safekeeping .

When Munjanja tried to resist with the bed claiming the bed was left by Mapamba before reasoning that he was the only person with authority to take the bed a scuffle ensued between the two

The court heard that Ndorombe stabbed Munjanja on her left finger by a knife, charge she is denieng.

The matter was reported to the police which led to the arretst of Ndorombe and the bed was recovered.

Ndorombe pleaded not guilty to the charges and claimed the bed was hers and she didn’t stab her but she was stabbed by a nail while trying to take the bed from her.

“Your Honor the bed is mine and l suggested to my husband that we should give it to Munjanja so I thought I can take it any time l wanted since it was mine,” said Ndorombe.

The state which was represented by Ethel Bhumure claim the matter of sharing of property between the two was still in the hands of the courts and Ndorombe was granted a protection order against her husband .

The matter was postponed to 22 September for further trial.

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