Homela eyes Kwekwe Central

By Staff Reporter 

Kwekwe Residents and Rate Payers Association Secretary General Alex Homela has declared interests to represent Kwekwe Central in the coming by elections slated for in December as an independent candidate.

 The Kwekwe Central seat fell vacant following the death of Masango Matambanadzo last month.

 Matambanadzo died at his Amaveni home aged 56 after falling ill from suspected food poisoning last year. 

Homela has since thrown his name in the politically volatile constituency. “I am going to represent Kwekwe Central as an independent MP,” Homela said.

 Homela said being an independent candidate gives him an opportunity to represent anyone without party restrictions. 

“As a civic leader i believe being an independent candidate is part of Civic leadership. I am someone with an open mind, who wants to represent everyone regardless of their political, religious or ethnic afffiliations,” said the father of 10.

The former trade unionist with the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) said he started his political activities in 1964 at when he was still at school. 

“During that time i was an organiser a Zapu branch in a district in Gweru. I even helped some cadres to cross to Zambia where they were Zipra bases,” he said. 

He added that the ill-treatment of blacks during that period pricked his mind and awakened a political consciousness inside of him.

 He however, said in the early 1970s he dumped politics for civic duties before joining Zanu PF as a member in Kwekwe in 1984.

Homela said by mid 1990s he dumped active politics for trade unionism before joining MDC at its formation in 1999.

“I cannot say i joined MDC but i am one of the founding members of MDC. I however, decided to take a step back after being arrested in the early 2000s for my opposition political activities and decided to join the civic society,” he said. 

Homela said he has since decided to join politics as an independent candidate. Since the death of Matambanadzo political rivalries have been renewed in Kwekwe. 
With Zanu PF parliamentary candidate Kandross Mugabe expressing interest to represent the governing party.

Mugabe has since been going through the constituency undertaking philanthropic activities. Meanwhile, Energy Ncube has also expressed interest to represent Zanu PF in the coming by elections. 

While the opposition MDC is yet to have a candidate some names have been thrown around. These includes Blessing Chebundo, Henry Madzorera and Judith Tobaiwa. 

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