Kwekwe new look Eat n Lick unveils self service machine

By Staff Reporter 

The recently facelifted Eat n Lick Kwekwe branch has unveiled a new service to its customers-the self service machine.

 Eat n Lick recently closed its Kwekwe branch for renovations.

 The eatery only re-opened its doors to the public Thursday-with customers flocking to the outlet to have a feel of the new place. 

“We are doing a brand upgrade whereby we are giving the brand a new look. We want to make our outlets more friendly and more interactive to customer’s needs,” Eat n Lick Managing Director Tsitsi Musabayana said in an interview. 

“We value our customers comments and feedback. The new ambiance is in response to the customers needs,” she said. 

Musabayana added that what makes Eat n Lick unique to other eateries in the country is the self service machine which the company unveiled in Kwekwe.

 “We have introduced a self service tapper machine. This is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe. It is an interactive screen where one gets to check on the menus and also make an orders and payments. Through this platform customers will not even interact with staff in the restaurant as they will make their orders straight to the kitchen and will only go to collect their orders,” she said.

 Eat n Lick currently have 13 branches across the country. 

Musabayana said the country is aiming on massive expansion.”Where people want us we have to be there. We are looking at expansion inside and outside the country as we are looking at opening more branches,” she said. 

Meanwhile, Musabayana further explained that Eat n Lick believes in empowering people.

 “Our employment policy is that we employ people from the locality. This is our way of empowering communities. We even use farm produce from farmers within a locality where our outlets are based,” she said.

 She added that Eat n Lick has also unveiled scholarship programs for disadvantaged learners. It is also assisting the vulnerable in communities.

 Eat n Lick started its Kwekwe operations in 2018.

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