Sherwood farmers embrace pfumvudza

By Sheron Tazvivinga/William Milasi

Farmers in Sherwood have embraced the climate proof pfumvudza agricultural concept which is being promoted by the Ministry of Lands Agriculture, Water and Rural Ressettlement.

The Sherwood farming community officially launched the programme at Percychard Farm owned by Kwekwe Proportional Representation MP Perseverence Zhou and her husband Pritchard Zhou.

Though the Zhou’s are A2 farmers they have also embraced the project.

“We are A2 farmers but we have decided to participate in pfumvudza project because this program is aimed at ensuring food security starting from the household level,” Perseverence Zhou said at the training launch.

Farmers are encouraged by government to cultivate 3 plots measuring 39 by 16 m.

“We have embraced this concept as we are supporting the government initiative to address issues of food insecurity. We are also playing a part in contributing towards national food security. We are A2 farmers but we have embraced the project and we hope other A2 farmers will also embrace this initiative. This is also a way of motivating small scale farmers to also embrace the pfumvudza idea,” Zhou said. 

Farmers around Sherwood received training from government on the pfumvudza process. 

In a bid to achieve household and national food security, government further encouraged farmers in Kwekwe District to embrace the “Pfumvudza” training programme.

 This comes after the district like other parts of the nation is  facing food insecurities owing to the 2019/20 El~Nino induced  drought .

As a response to the current food insecurities in the country, government has embarked on training farmers on the concept of “Pfumvudza”.

In an interview with this publication, Kwekwe District Agriculture Extension Officer  Virginia Mare said this was meant to maximise productivity per unit area even during the drought period. 

The approach can be used in marginal areas and still give high yields allowing smallholder farmers to achieve household food security.

Mare  said this would also minimise the imports of food crops.

” We are encouraging farmers to take up the training programme. The concept of Pfumvudza is beneficial to the nation in as much as it helps in reducing the cost of imports on grain and helps in improving food security,” Mare said.

The district recently received inputs from Kwekwe Grain Marketing Board Depot (GMB) to assist farmers.

” So far we have received inputs from  Kwekwe GMB. We received 180tonnes of Compound D fertilizer and 30 tonnes of seed,” said Mare.

However farmers will receive the inputs provided they have a plot ready meant for pfumvudza.

” Farmers will receive inputs on the basis that they have a plot ready for pfumvudza” stated Mare.

“Currently  we have trained about 7000 farmers and continue to encourage other farmers in the district to take up the training,” she said.

The programme  is reportedly meant to cater for over 1.6 million vulnerable households with a standardised input package  of 5kg seed ,12 kg lime, 50kg basal and 50 kg top dressing fertilizers 

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