Minister bemoans untapped mining potential in Redcliff

By Staff Reporter 

Mines and Mining Development Minister Winston Chitando has bemoaned the unexplored mining potential in one of Midland’s town of Redcliff.

Speaking at a stationery handover ceremony in Silobela last week, Chitando said government was working to unlock Redcliff’s unexplored mining potential.

Redcliff is also home to the now collapsed integrated steelworks Ziscosteel. One of Africa’s steel giants Ziscosteel, collapsed over a decade ago following massive plunder of resources at its Redcliff plant. 

Political interference, nepotism, incompetence and corruption have also been fingered as the potential causes for Ziscosteel collapse. 

Ziscosteel amongst some of its raw materials relied on a mining company BIMCO for limestone. 

Following Ziscosteel’s closure, Bimco has been reduced to a white elephant. 

Chitando admitted that Redcliff has one of the unexplored mining potentials. 

“Redcliff has one of the biggest potentials of mining and i can assure you that we will work together yo ensure that the mining potential is realised,” Chitando a former Mimosa Mine CEO said without explaining details on the turnaround. 

Chitando also pointed out that within nearby Redcliff, rural Silobela has also exhibited massive potential in gold mining.

 “We have one of the gold centres in Silobela. There is massive mining potential which is yet to be unlocked in Silobela area,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Chitando told the gathering that for the country to achieve President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s 2030 vision of the country attaining a middle income status there is need for productivity. 

“For you to become an industrialised economy, for you to become a middle income economy it means that you have to establish more mines and more factories,” he said.Chitando further explained that the country was registering massive progress in the mining sector. 

“In 2017 the mining industry was at 2, 7 billion industry. The milestone set by Hid Excellency is for it to become a $12 billion industry towards the achievement of the 2030 vision. 

“In the platinum sector, Unki is expanding, Zimplats is expanding, Mimosa is expanding, Great Dyke Industies in Norton is expanding, Todal is growing, Karoo Resources which is the biggest platinum mine is under construction, that is productivity which is underway,” said Chitando. 

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