Mbuya Saunyama calls for donations to revamp orphanage

By William Milasi 

Mbuya Saunyama Orphanage is calling for donations mainly in the form of building material to commence construction of a six roomed house, which will house orphans. 

Betty Saunyama Director of the orphanage said she was forced to temporarily shut down the orphanage in 2016 after it failed to meet government requirements.

Hence the need to revamp the orphanage by constructing a home. 

“The orphanage is in existence what is however, needed is for us to make some constructions which will meet government standards. We have been told to construct a 6 roomed house, which will accommodate the orphans sk that the orphanage will feel like a home not a facility,” she said.

“We managed to dig a foundation we are now having challenges to commence construction that is why we are now appealing for assistance with building material,” she said.

At the time of the temporary closure the orphanage was home to 31 orphans.

 “Since the temporary closure of the orphanage we had 31 orphans, who are now scattered all over the place. I am still in touch with them as we are continuing with the assistance we were giving them. However, it will be sustainable if they are at the orphanage.

The orphans are longing to come back home,” she said.

Mbuya Saunyama orphanage started in the year 2000.

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