” Lets focus on 2023 there is no political crisis in Zimbabwe” – Opposition leader

By News Editor 

The leader of the Coalition for Democrats (CODE) president Trust Chikohora has said there is no political crisis in Zimbabwe.

 Speaking to this publication in an interview Chikohora who is the chairperson for the economic thematic committee in the Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) said Zimbabwe has a legitimate President so there is no political crisis in the country. 

He further advised that opposition parties must instead focus on the 2023 elections.”I don’t agree that we have a political crisis because we have a legitimate President whose victory was confirmed by the Courts,” Chikohora said, before adding, “We cannot wish that away.”

 He suggested that Zimbabwe must indeed dialogue, “So, we can only help solve the problems of Zimbabwe if we dialogue starting from that known fact of life.” Chikohora said change of government in Zimbabwe will only come through elections in 2023″That is why we are in POLAD! 
As opposition we then also focus on 2023 – because only then can you lawfully effect a change of government. So we will work to push for economic and political reforms until then.Anything else will not work.” 

The only crisis, Zimbabwe is gripped with is economic.”I think the major crisis in Zimbabwe now is the economy,” he said. 

He however, said the biggest mistake under President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration was the reintroduction of the Zimbabwe dollar.

 “I believe the biggest mistake that Mnangagwa made was to reintroduce the Zimbabwe dollar prematurely.

 “This triggered hyperinflation and all its associated problems such as lowering people’s standard of living and a further decline in investment amongst other problems,” he said.

 The economic situation according to Chikohora, “was worsened by persistent droughts, Cyclone Idai and now COVID 19! Corruption is also rampant. Sanctions also continue to bite.”

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