Rivals renewed as bid to replace Blackman gathers momentum

By News Editor 

Political rivals have been renewed in Kwekwe following the death of Kwekwe Central MP Masango Matambanadzo. 

Matambanadzo (56) died last month at his Amaveni home.

 The governing Zanu PF party is plotting to regain the constituency which have been mostly in opposition stranglehold since the turn of the millennium.

 Losing Parliamentary candidate Kandross Mugabe who has been undertaking philanthropic activities in the constituency told this publication in interview that serving the people of Kwekwe is his top priority. 

“I lost in 2018 elections to Matambanadzo, i however, didnt lose heart as the issue is not about who is an MP but the issue is about service. I am motivated by serving people,” he said. 

Despite, losing his parliamentary bid Mugabe has been undertaking variuos philanthropic activities, “i have been going back to the people since then because that is where i derive my motivation. The little that we have when we give it makes a difference, it gives me joy to see that something which i would have done will put a smile on someone’s face or change their lives,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe added that representing the people of Kwekwe in Parliament would be an honour as he said he derives inspiration from the electorate. 

Zanu PF according to the party’s Midlands Provincial Chairperson Daniel Mackenzie Ncube is now determined to regain Kwekwe. 

“As a party we are keen to regain our lost seat. We will work day and night to convince those people who had left the Party to join Matambanadzo. As a Party we will be united behind the Party candidate,” Zanu PF Midlands provincial chairperson Daniel Mackenzie Ncube said in an interview.

Meanwhile, a Zanu PF youthful politician Energy Dhala Ncube has also expressed interest to represent Kwekwe.

 “Its true i am interested in representing Kwekwe Constituency. There is a section of our party supporters who have encouraged me to stand and represent the people,” the youthful politician said.

 In the opposition MDC  Alliance it has been gathered that three possible candidates are interested in representing the party in the by elections. 

Long serving parliamentarian Blessing Chebundo who was beaten by a small margin at the polls by Matambanadzo said he is standing guided by the party’s dictates. 

“We are awaiting the party’s directive on wether i will be standing in as a party candidate or not. We cannot say with certaintity at this point about my candidature, that is up for the party to decide,” Chebundo said. 

However, some MDC supporters are pushing for youthful Midlands Provincial executive member Judith Tobaiwa to represent the party at the polls though they are still awaiting the determination by the party. 

“The party is yet to meet and decide on the issue of the party’s representative. I therefore, cannot say i will be representing the party or not since that is all up to for the party to decide,” Tobaiwa said.

 It has also been gathered that Elton Mandonga who was once a council aspirant but lost in the party’s internal polls is also interested in representing the party. Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is yet to announce the dates for the parliamentary elections. 

The Midlands Observer has however, gathered that canvassing and political manoeuvrings amongst aspirants are being done behind the scenes in the politically hot seat. 

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