Kasipo put owners of stray animals on notice

By Melissa Chikumba

Kwekwe City Council has raised concern over the increase in numbers of stray animals which are seen roaming the Central Business District.

Speaking during a full council meeting recently, Mayor Angeline Kasipo said council was going to put in place stiff measures on the owners of the animals who are allowing their domestic animals to stray unattended. 

“We are worried that stray animals mostly donkeys and cattle are grazing unattended near the main road putting lives of people on the line since it could cause accidents,” Kasipo said.

At times the animals are usually seen roaming around Golden Miles Hotel and at times straying into the highway.
The council concluded that they will revise the illegal grazing fines and sent them to the regional magistrate so that those that are found guilty could be fined.

“We should confiscate any stray animals, place them under Zibagwe and later would auction them so that we sent a clear message to the public that we are serious about this issue,” suggested Kasipo.

Meanwhile, Kwekwe City Council Director of Health Mary Muchekeza insisted that they tried communicating with the owners of those cattle grazing in the CBD citing that it was a crime and tried to come up with a solution

“I went there to speak with the owners of those cattle and tried to come up with a solution to stop stray animals grazing in the main road but couldn’t fine them because the amount has been affected by inflation since it has not been revised ten years ago,” said Muchekeza.

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