Vice President Mohadi commends Chirumhanzu Community

By News Editor 

Vice President Kembo Mohadi commended the Chirumhanzu Community for working together to achieve a milestone achievement in infrastructural development following the construction of a bridge which is going to assist the community.

 He further, heaped plaudits on the leadership of area MP Barbara Rwodzi and traditional leaders for mobilising people in the area to construct the bridge. 

“I want to express my sencire gratitude to the local leadership starting with Chief Chirumhanzu and Chief Hama for supporting the project, because people who worked on this project are your subjects. And because of unity of purpose this was achievable,” Mohadi said at the commissioning of the bridge. 

He called on the community to protect the asset.

 “I call upon you all to protect this asset, to guard jealously of any vandalism that might take place to this asset,” he said. 

Speaking of Rwodzi, Mohadi said she has shown that shs is a capable leader. 

“I want to express my gratitude to the area MP, i have always said men might have strength to do things but women though might not be physical as men are meticulous and attend to detail and understand the plight of people better than men,they have patience and know exactly what people want,” he said, before adding that with unity of purpose communities can achieve more. “If communities are galvanised and organised towards any project which benefits them, people will work hard. That is the Zimbabwe we want, a Zimbabwe which is progressive,” he said.

 Meanwhile, Mohadi said President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has registered massive progress since coming to power.

 “The new dispensation of President Emmerson Mnangagwa has received alm sorts of criticisms within and from without, but it has done a lot of things, a lot of progress,” he said.

He added that Mnangagwa was receiving brick bats from critics because he was on the right track of economic recovery, “if you dont get any brickbats it means you are doing nothing. If you are doing something people will always throw brickbats.”

He told the gathering that after dropping a contractor Geiger on the construction of Beitbridge-Harare-Chirundu highway and given the project to locals there have been notable progress. 

Mohadi speaking of the project said, “it had been on the cards from since time immemorial, we looked for people who came and go without anything moving until we came to the last person Geiger, but when we asked them to show us the proof of funds, there was nothing to show.”

The Vice President indicated that government decided to give the project to the locals and since then there have been progress even on projects such as the Plumtree-Bulawayo-Harare Highway.

 “What was failed to be done 38 years ago, we have done it,” he said.

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