Kwekwe records 2 Covid-19 deaths

By News Editor

 Kwekwe has so far registered 2 Covid-19 deaths with 28 confirmed cases so far. To date Zimbabwe has registered 202 Covid-19 deaths. 

Statistics from the Ministry of Health indicate that Zimbabwe has so far recorded 6497 cases with 5 221 recoveries.

The Ministry indicated that the national recovery rate stands at 80.3 percent while positivity rate for the last 24 hours stands at 10 percent.

Speaking in a full council meeting on Tuesday, Kwekwe City Director of Health Services Mary Muchekeza confirmed the number of cases in Kwekwe.

 “We confirmed 28 Covid-19 cases as Kwekwe, while to date the City registered 22 recoveries and 2 deaths, we have 3 active cases, while one absconded,” she said. 

In terms of testing, Muchekeza said Kwekwe is following directive ms from the health ministry.

 “We are now  testing those in contact with positive case only when one is  develops symptoms after coming in contact with an infected person. Our approach is guided by the Ministry of Health. We are no longer testing everyone who came in contact with the infected person,” she said. 

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