Goodchild urges artists to diversify

By Lesley Chihwata

Prominent musician and television personality Alexio Gwenzi popularly known as Goodchild in the music circles has urged artists to diversify and not to only rely on music. 

Goodchild speaking to Observer Style said he with challenges associated with the music industry there is need for artists to diversify into other revenue sources. 

“Artists should not entirely rely on the music industry for income but rather diversify ,if one is into arts he or she can try acting or even TV presenting like l do ,” he said.

He elaborated on a myriad of challenges artists do encounter in the music industry.

“When l started this musical journey l experienced what most artists might have experienced which is financial problems and also the issue of piracy were we would make our music but do not make much from it due to piracy,” he said.

The Kwekwe bred Coke on the Beat presenter said, Covid-19 has greatly affected artists in the country.

“The Covid 19 pandemic is affecting us as we mostly rely on shows and other events but due to this pandemic we cannot make money from staying at home,” he said.

He further explained that the plight of artists has been worsened by paltry royalties they are receiving from Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA).

“Now we are facing problems from ZIMURA and it has always been an issue with regards to royalties, the royalties that we are getting from ZBC ,Star FM among others is not reasonable as we are getting them inform of RTGS Dollars,” he said.

He further explained, “Also some promoters are now promoting certain genres especially on shows hence starving some fans and artists as well ,this is another problem.”

Meanwhile, Goodchild is working on a collaboration with Roki.

“I am working on producing something with Roki and we will be releasing the track soon,” said Goodchild without revealing much detail.

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