‘Prophetess’ kills son in goblin ritual cleansing ceremony

By Melissa Chikumba

A 26 year old self-proclaimed prophetess from Redcliff is standing accused of killing her son after she inserted her fingers in the anus of the infant to remove goblins.

Nomatter Gwatsvaira was this week dragged before Kwekwe Magistrate Samukeliso Gumbo facing charges of causing the death of her own son 1 year 3 months old son.

The court heard that on 22 August 2020 Gwatsvaira inserted her fingers in the anus of the infant as a cleansing ceremony, “to remove goblins inside the infant’s body.”

The court maintained that she committed the unlawful crime intentionally resulting in the death of the infant.

Gwatsvaira stunned the court when she claimed that as a prophet she could not bear losing her son without asssisting him.

“Your Honor my son was being attacked by goblins and as a prophet l wouldn’t have let him die under my own watch so l decided to do a cleansing ritual for him,” said Gwatsvaira.

The now deceased was ferried to Kwekwe General Hospital by neighbors and other family relatives when they noticed that he was not breathing properly where he succumbed to the injuries the same day.

“The court noticed that you are not showing any signs of remorse but rather defensive to such an event that led to the death of your own son,” an angry Gumbo rapped the accused.

Gwatsvaira who was advised to apply for bail at the High Court was remanded in prison to 7 September. 

The court noted that the accused was showing sings of mental challenges. 

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