Kwekwe Town Clerk resume duties after Covid-19 scare

By Limbikani Banda/Peter Ngwenya

Kwekwe City Council boss Lucia Mkandla is now back at work following a Covid-19 scare recently. 

Mkandla resumed her duties last week after it was reported that she had gone in precautionary self-isolation after her driver is believed to have contracted the deadly virus. 

Though medical reports cleared Mkandla of the virus, as a precautionary measure she decided to self isolate at home. 

“I was never sick and i am fit for work as you saw during a Programme Based meeting i was participated in. I have since resumed my duties,” she said.

Mkandla was one of the city bosses who attended a budget consultative meeting with small scale traders on Friday. Following the Covid-19 scare employees at Kwekwe City Council were sent on the edge with jittery workers calling for the temporary closure of the civic centre as, “they feel they are not safe,” since there was no protective personal equipment within the departments. 

However, Kwekwe City Mayor Angeline Kasipo said there was no need to worry as Covid-19 tests had been conducted at Civic Centre and all the workers had been cleared.

 “Tests were done recently following pressure which had arisen from the departments and i can assure you that all our departments are safe. We tested our employees and the results came out negative. Workers are now secure,” she said. 

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